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Copy Policy

Regarding Copyrights and Trademarks

Please note that in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and ACCEA’s Copy Policy, ACCEA will not provide any copying, printing, scanning, CD/DVD copying, dubbing or any other similar services for the following items. (The same shall also apply to the self-service copy machines.)

Items that are or may be subject to penalty under the law

* E.g., paper money, coins, checks, stock certificates, securities, bonds, notes, gift certificates, stamps, official postcards, revenue stamps, transportation tickets, coupons, commuter passes, traveler's checks, various admission tickets, etc.

Certificates (Only black-and-white copies are acceptable)

* E.g., Driver's license, passport, health insurance card, qualification license, qualification certificate, other various certification documents and documents related to rights and obligations or those with seals, etc.

Items that infringe or may infringe any copyrights, portrait rights, etc.

* E.g., commercially available books, newspapers, magazines, comic books, textbooks, maps, paintings, drawings, photographs, sheet music, designs, movies, TV programs, commercially available CD/DVDs, etc.

Contents that are offensive to public order and morals

* E.g., obscene or brutal photographs, drawings, texts, etc.

Items that are or may be used by groups or individuals related to antisocial forces (or for the purposes of being used by antisocial groups or individuals)

Items which are difficult for ACCEA to determine whether or not they are illegal

* Items that do not infringe copyrights in the case of personal use, non-commercial distribution to educational institutions such as schools, or any other purposes permissible under the law.

* Music, publications or films authored by individuals who have deceased for more than 50 years or have been published for more than 50 years. (Unless the customer can provide documentary evidence to show that they have obtained the copyright holder's permission)

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