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1. Returns and Exchanges

ACCEA Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“ACCEA”) does not accept returns or exchanges of products for its information processing service (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”), as the Services are, in principle, made-to-order. However, if the product in question is defective due to ACCEA’s responsibility, ACCEA will either cover the shipping costs and replace the defective product or make a refund, after consulting the customer. However, please note that ACCEA does not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases :-

(1) When the Services’ product is used for distribution or any other similar purposes.

(2) Returns due to sensory factors such as differences from the customer's expectation.

(3) If more than one week has elapsed after the delivery of the products.

(4) Return or exchange of products accidentally damaged or dirtied by the customer.

2. Destruction

ACCEA reserves the right to destroy products that have been in its possession for a period of one month after the scheduled pickup date. Please note that there will be no refund even if the customer have already paid for the product. In addition, ACCEA will only keep the artwork it created for one year. If the one-year storage period has passed since the customer’s last order, the customer’s order will be treated as a new order, and the customer may be required to pay for the artwork again.

3. Quality Defects, Missing or Brought-In Data

ACCEA will do its best in the manufacturing and management of the products, to ensure that there are no poor quality or defective products delivered. However, as the nature of the Services requires ACCEA to provide the Services manually by hand, in the unlikely event that there are any defective products, ACCEA will only take the following actions, subject to the conditions stated :-

(1) ACCEA will promptly remanufacture the defective product at its expenses.

(2) If (1) is not possible, the processing fee will be refunded.

(3) Even in the event that the customer suffers any secondary damages due to the defective product delivered, ACCEA will only compensate the customer up to the limits set in the above (1) and (2).

(4) Customers shall ensure that they back up the data submitted to us, and understand that ACCEA will not responsible for any damage to the data. ACCEA will not provide any compensation beyond the scope stated in (1) and (2) above for any reason whatsoever.

4. Forfeiture of Benefit of Time

If the event the customer violates the terms of the contract for the Services with ACCEA (“the Contact”), or if ACCEA determines that there is a possibility of a credit status issue with the customer, the parties shall forfeit the benefit of time for performance of all obligations under the Contract, and the Company shall be entitled terminate the Contract immediately by sending a notice to the customer through electronic communications.

5. Services that ACCEA is Unable to Provide

Please note that in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and ACCEA’s Copy Policy, ACCEA will not provide any copying, printing, scanning, CD/DVD copying, dubbing or any other similar services for the following items. (The same shall also apply to the self-service copy machines.)

(1) Regarding Copyrights and Trademarks

・ Items that are or may be subject to penalty under the law

[E.g., paper money, coins, checks, stock certificates, securities, bonds, notes, gift certificates, stamps, official postcards, revenue stamps, transportation tickets, coupons, commuter passes, traveler's checks, various admission tickets, etc.]

・ Certificates (Only black-and-white copies are acceptable)

[E.g., Driver's license, passport, health insurance card, qualification license, qualification certificate, other various certification documents and documents related to rights and obligations or those with seals, etc.]

・ Items that infringe or may infringe any copyrights, portrait rights, etc.

[E.g., commercially available books, newspapers, magazines, comic books, textbooks, maps, paintings, drawings, photographs, sheet music, designs, movies, TV programs, commercially available CD/DVDs, etc.]

・ Contents that are offensive to public order and morals

[E.g., obscene or brutal photographs, drawings, texts, etc.]

・ Items that are or may be used by groups or individuals related to antisocial forces (or for the purposes of being used by antisocial groups or individuals)

・ Items which are difficult for ACCEA to determine whether or not they are illegal

[Items that do not infringe copyrights in the case of personal use, non-commercial distribution to educational institutions such as schools, or any other purposes permissible under the law]

[Music, publications or films authored by individuals who have deceased for more than 50 years or have been published for more than 50 years] (Unless the customer can provide documentary evidence to show that they have obtained the copyright holder's permission)

(2) Regarding Personal Information

ACCEA will ensure a high level of information security with access control systems, surveillance cameras, security software, PC log monitoring systems, etc. However, ACCEA’s store has a policy of not accepting the following information, which is particularly important, from a risk management perspective in the unlikely event of an accident. ACCEA sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

・ Copying, outputting, scanning and other related operations of the following information by a third party other than the person himself/herself.

・ Basic personal information such as date of birth, credit card number, asset status, deposit amount, medical history, account number, PIN, black list, credit information, passport information, annual income, resident registration code, etc.

・ Information on matters related to ideology, beliefs, or religion

・ Information on physical or mental disabilities, criminal records, or other matters that may cause social discrimination

・ Information on the right of workers to organize, collective bargaining, and other matters relating to collective action

・ Information on participation in mass demonstrations, exercise of the right to petition, and other matters relating to political rights

・ Information on medical or sexual matters

6. Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

If any of the following events occurs, the Company will immediately discontinue providing the Service without notice or any other procedures :-

(1) If it is found that the customer is related to any criminal organizations, gangs, terrorist organizations or other antisocial force (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Antisocial Force").

(2) If the customer has defamed, damaged the reputation or credibility of ACCEA or its employees, obstructed ACCEA’s business, committed fraud, made unreasonable demands, engaged in violent acts, used/committed threatening words or deeds, or any similar activities either personally or through a third party.

(3) If the customer’s representative, person with effective management authority, principal officer or employee, or investor is an Antisocial Force.

In the event ACCEA discontinues its Services to a customer pursuant to any of the grounds stated in the preceding paragraph, ACCEA shall not be liable to the customer for any damages incurred by the customer.

7. Changes to this Disclaimer

(1) ACCEA reserves the right to change this Disclaimer as it deems necessary. In the event ACCEA makes any changes to this Disclaimer, ACCEA will specify the effective date of the changes and announce (i) the purposes of the changes; (ii) the contents of the changes; and (iii) the effective date of the change by posting on the Company's website or other appropriate means for a reasonable period prior to the effective date of the change.

(2) When a customer uses the Service after the effective date of the changes, the customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions in this Disclaimer.

8. About the ACCEA website

Although ACCEA will, of course, pay close attention to the information posted on its website for its customers, ACCEA will operate its website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") in the following manner:

(1) ACCEA does not give any form of guarantee for the Website and its contents.

(2) ACCEA shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use or browsing of the Website.

(3) ACCEA shall not be responsible for any damages caused by websites that pretends to be the Website.

(4) ACCEA may change the URL of and information on the Website without any notice.

(5) ACCEA shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any errors in the information posted on the Web site, data falsified by third parties, data downloads, etc., for any reasons whatsoever.

(6) In the event that customers are transferred from the Website to another website via a link, banner, or other means, ACCEA shall not be held responsible for the information, services, or other content provided on the new Website.

(7) ACCEA shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred by customers due to changes in information or interruptions in operation for any reason whatsoever.

9.Handling of Submitted Data

Data submitted to ACCEA will be automatically deleted from the server after one month from the date of submission.

If you wish to have your data deleted immediately after delivery of the products, please contact us at the following address.


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