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アクセアマレーシアの大判出力、ポスター印刷 Poster Printing

ACCEA's Outdoor Large Format
At ACCEA, on-demand printing service, you can order just one piece or more!
We meticulously cater to your needs, whether it's outdoor billboards, banners, LED illuminated signs, or window displays.
Let us bring your vision to life with our personalized and vibrant solutions!

*All prices are inclusive of Tax.


Size1 pcs
A2 RM 17.00
A1 RM 27.00
A0 RM 54.00
per square feet RM 8.00

*Prices listed are for 1 page/item.


Size1 pcs
A2 RM 17.00
A1 RM 27.00
A0 RM 54.00
per square feet RM 8.00

*Prices listed are for 1 page/item.


Size1 pcs
A2 RM 12.00
A1 RM 18.00
A0 RM 36.00
per square feet RM 5.00

*Prices listed are for 1 page/item.

Backlit Sticker Matt

Size1 pcs
A2 RM 17.00
A1 RM 27.00
A0 RM 54.00
per square feet RM 8.00

*Prices listed are for 1 page/item.

Synthetic paper

Size1 pcs
A2 RM 9.00
A1 RM 15.00
A0 RM 28.00
per square feet RM 4.00

*Prices listed are for 1 page/item.

Canvas paper

Size1 pcs
A2 RM 30.00
A1 RM 55.00
A0 RM 90.00
per square feet RM 14.00

*Prices listed are for 1 page/item.

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FAQs Relating to File(s)

How do I send my file(s) over for printing?
You can either bring your file(s) in a USB to your nearest store, use our Web Upload System, or send it through email.
Is there a deadline for sending my file(s)?
You can send your file(s) via email or our Web Upload System at any time convenient for you. However, if you are planning to visit a store near you, please click here for store operating hours.
What file formats are supported?
Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop (AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPEG, TIFF file extensions) are supported. Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint (extensions xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx) are not eligible; only PDF-converted data can be submitted.
Can I print in large format using photos from my digital camera/smartphone?
Yes, it is possible. However, depending on the desired printout size, the photos might turn out pixelated. As such, we recommend a resolution of 150dpi for digital photos.
Our memory card reader is compatible with a variety of memory card types.
Can I print my Excel/Word/Powerpoint files in large format?
Yes, it is possible. However, sending Microsoft Office application files runs the risk of character corruption or undesired changes in layout. As such, please convert your file(s) into PDF format before sending. In cases where conversion to PDF is not possible, please send us a preview of the expected printout.
I have a physical document that I want to print in large format.
Can ACCEA edit my file(s) on my behalf?
Yes, we do editing. However, editing fees will be charged separately. The editing fees charged will depend on the amount of editing that you require us to do.
ACCEA reserves the right to reject editing your files if deemed impossible or unlawful.

FAQs Relating to Finished Product

Can I get my printouts on the same day?
Definitely! Please click here for a store location guide and call up our store for more details.
I only need one poster....
No problem! There is no minimum order for posters and large format printing.
What types of post-print processing services does ACCEA offer?
Mainly lamination, Foam board mounting, and PVC framing. Please inquire if you need some other processing service other than the abovementioned.
What's the maximum printable size for large format prints?
The maximum printing width is 841 mm on the short side and 1189 mm on the long side.
Does ACCEA do nonstandard sized large format prints? Are there any additional charges?
Yes, we do nonstandard sized prints. We will charge based on standard size prices.
For example, if you need a 500mmx800mm printout, which is within A1 (594mmx841mm) size, we will charge you based on the price for A1 sized prints.
We'll also cut to the desired size at no additional cost.
Does ACCEA do large format prints smaller than A2 size?
Yes, however, we will charge based on A2 size prices.
Can I bring in and have ACCEA print on my own paper?
Unfortunately, large format machines use paper rolls to print.
We apologize for not being able to accommodate such requests.
I want to print in B&W. Can I get a better price?
Unfortunately, large format machines make use of inkjet, unlike copy machines which use toner, so we are unable to quote you a better price for B&W large format prints.
I'm new and don't know anything about large format printing...
No worries! You can call or drop by a store near you and talk to one of our staff to find out more! click here for a store location guide

Computer Operating Environment & Data FAQs

Which operating system can I use with digital printing?
Digital printing is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
Can I upload a Microsoft Word file for printing?
Yes, you can. However, uploading Microsoft Office applications (including Excel, PowerPoint etc.) carries the risk of character corruption and/or changes in layout depending on the version of the application used. As such, we request our customers to either provide us with a printed sample with the correct alignments, or to verify the test print (printed at our store) together with our staff.
For this reason, we highly recommend uploading your file(s) in PDF format.
Is it possible to print out flyers without a white border around the image?
Yes, it is possible. However, please make sure to include bleeding in your file(s). Additional cutting fees apply. For more details, please contact a store near you.
Finished Size (mm) Download
A2 420×594 Download
A1 594×841 Download
A0 841×1189 Download

* Template(s) are available in Illustrator CS format.

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